Illyrian Winery and Vineyards

The Rahovec region is easily recognised by its high and prominent mountains, which are some of the highest in Kosovo. On these slopes, archeological evidence has been found proving a vivid wine culture existing since the 1st century AD.

The mountain ranges often gets soaked with foggy dew, that lowers onto the peaks and down into the valleys. Naturally, this environment, with its hot summers and cold winters is a perfect place for growing grape-varietes of all kinds, especially the potent Vranc variety - unique for the Balkan region. There is several vineyards competing, but the absolute gem is the winery with the ancient name; Illyrian winery.

Navigating the small mountain roads amongst the villages, one would perhaps not expect to find an impressive, high-technological winery with EU-support.

Being led by energetic and passionate leadership, the winemaker Bejtullah always finds ways to continue improving his results. Having expanded the production from 800 HL in 2002 to 22000 HL in 2023, the ambition continues growing along with the grapes.

The combination of skill and rich raw material is reflected in the final product and can be verified, simply by tasting it.

Muratti Chardonnay

Illyrian Winery and Vineyards


100% Chardonnay, steel tank fermented, rested 12 months in French oak barrels.

Fresh on the front palate with a rounded finish and a big, bold body, this Chardonnay is a must-try for enthusiasts of the varietal.

Pinot Noir

Illyrian Winery and Vineyards


100% Pinot Noir, steel tank fermented and bottle matured

A straightforward, young, and lively Pinot Noir that suits many palates and occasions.

Muratti Pinot Blanc

Illyrian Winery and Vineyards


100% Pinot Blanc, steel tank fermented and bottle matured.

A young, fresh, and lively mingle wine that caters to both the uninitiated and the well-versed.

Muratti Vranac

Illyrian Winery and Vineyards


100% Vranac, steel tank fermented, rested 24 months in French barrique barrels.

Vranac is a grape native to the region, displaying clear characteristics similar to Cabernet Sauvignon. It offers a big, bold flavor of rich dark fruit, a long finish, and smooth tannins.