Never Never

In McLaren Vale in Southern Australia a group of guys are producing the worlds most juniper forward gin.

Since 2016 these guys have been hard at work mastering the "triple juniper process" and delivering some truly outstanding products. The triple juniper process in which juniper is first steeped and macerated into the base spirit then a new batch of juniper is distilled with the spirit through a flavor basket of juniper, is the backbone of all their products. You will also find other classical gin ingredients in here such as angelica root, coriander seed, fresh citrus and so on with each expression tweaking the recipe ratios or adding new components.

Never Never is called the fearless spirit because they never shy away from bold flavors, creating gins that can play a part in any classic cocktail as well as any modern creation.

Beeswax & Olive

Never Never

The gin uses Ligurian beeswax and raw honey, sourced from hives located on Kangaroo Island. This colony is incredibly rare and is the purest strain of Ligurian bees in the world. There is Kalamata olive brine sourced from Llyod Brothers in McLaren Vale, Somerton almonds from Port Willunga and locally grown orange and bay leaf.

This gin was created specifically to make luxurious martinis, complex highballs and fragrant spritz serves.

Oyster Shell

Never Never

The gin uses Kangaroo Island oyster shell, waxflower, Tasmania wakame, coastal daisy bush, saltbush and round mint to create a unique expression of the Australian coastline and built for contemporary seafood pairings.

With lashings of waxflower and salinity, it scratches the itch of anyone who loves a savoury martini. For those who love a G&T, it pairs beautifully with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a lime leaf garnish.

Juniper Freak

Never Never


Being a vintage gin, each release shows subtle differences in character and profile from year to year. The vintage is important as it highlights that freshness drives the juniper character that we want to capture in our Juniper Freak Gin.

Bottled at the official navy strength of 58%, this gin is long, complex and viscous.

Southern Strength

Never Never

As a higher ABV gin, there is more botanical flavour in the bottle. It is a botanical blast of flavour with a luxurious mouthfeel.

Developed through meticulous bartender and consumer feedback, Southern Strength Gin uses our Triple Juniper process and elevates the lemon peel, coriander seed and angelica root.

Triple Juniper

Never Never

The Triple Juniper Gin Export Strength Gin is a celebration of juniper, combining three different distillation processes, each uncovering three different distillation processes, each uncovering the bright and earthy characteristics of the humble juniper berry.

The Triple Juniper Gin Export Strength still combines three different distillation processes, similar to the signature release. The eight other botanicals used in production include coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, lime peel, liquorice root, cinnamon and Australian pepper berry.